UQA India Newsletter March 2016

April 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters: Assalamu-alaikumwa-rahmatullah
(Below is just one minute update. For more details, please click on the image to download.)

Alhamdulillah, our first TTC for Da’wah workers (Teachers’ Training Course) was conducted in Kuwait City for teachers who will be teaching Non-Arabs (mostly Asians). The content and quality of UQA syllabus and training systems are now acknowledged abroad too, alhamdulillah.

One of the best news of this month is that one of our teachers Mr. Salman got the best teachers’ award. This is how we want to see Qur’an teachers; the best of all the teachers; and why not? After all, they are teaching the best book. Our dream is to equip the Qur’an teachers (through our Teachers’ Training Program) the best of the tools and techniques such that they play a central role in the training and upbringing of the children in the school. May Allah help us realize that dream.

May Allah accept your support to sustain and expand this work and the humble efforts of the team. You may see more details in the attachment about the following:

    1. UQA syllabus in 141 Schools.
    2. Teachers’ Training Courses (TTC) – Trained 1808 Teachers so far.
    3. UQA study circles.
    4. Activities at Hyderabad Head Office.
    5. Research & Development at UQA.
    6. Update on Qur’an Campus and Dream-39 project
    7. Teachers’ Section
    8. Selected photos of some of our activities