Justification of Quran Campus


From the table it is clear that hundreds of teachers are required in the coming years. Additional reasons are:

An Ideal Place for Teachers’ Training

  • MOST of the school teachers are ladies and most active study circles are among the ladies. Therefore lady teachers are much more in demand than male teachers. This facility, inshaAllah, will be a big help in solving this issue. The QC will be an excellent facility to train lady teachers. Currently, it is almost impossible to accommodate lady teachers from the districts and other states. Housing them in hotels is almost impossible due to security and safety concerns. Please note that male teachers will also be trained here.

  • It will give the trainers a full-time training option (from Tahajjud till Isha) so that the trainees are taught the Qur’an as well as how to practice it in daily lives. Currently, we could train from 9am – 5pm only.

  • The trainees will be fully focused as they will not be coming in the morning from their homes facing heavy traffic and pollution nor will they be worried about reaching their homes in the evening.

  • The setup of the training halls will be permanent. This includes seating arrangements, arrangement of posters, projectors, and separate facilities for men and women, etc.

  • It will also provide for a serene and calm environment of learning as it is away from the traffic and noise pollution.

An Amazing Opportunity

Many of us, common people, dream of completing Holy Quran cover to cover, but fail to do so because of our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Quran campus is envisioned to fulfill the dreams of those who want to learn Quran – Cover to Cover with understanding in just 39 days. It is suitable for:

  • General student and especially teens who did not have any opportunity to learn the Qur’an in their schools

  • Common adults (men and women) who did not get a chance to learn the Qur’an

  • Teachers of all subjects in a Muslim school.

  • School administrators and principals

  • Parents

  • NGOs, trusts, and societies. With the understanding of the Qur’an, they can surely perform much better.

  • Busy professionals

  • Scholars and researchers