Exclusive & extremely useful resources to study the whole Quran!

Under this Understand Quran Full Course you will find resources which comprise vocabulary and content overview per Juz of the whole Quran:

Vocabulary sheets per Juz
The vocabulary sheets for each Juz [or para] show how simple it is to learn the Quran.
If you do the short course, the number of sheets for 1st Juz will be reduced from 5 pages to just 2.

Content sheets per Juz
On the content sheets you will find the themes discussed in that Juz grouped in ayaat. They will give you a very beneficial overview of the content and themes discussed in every Juz of the Quran!

How to use the vocabulary & content sheets?

Print the vocab sheet on one side of the paper and content sheet (of that Juz) on another side and keep it in your pocket.  Refer to it again and again!  Make sure to do this along with the study of the relevant Juz.  Just memorizing from vocab sheets won’t help much.

Pre-requisite: For this course you should be able to Understand 70% Words of Quran.